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    Default PB supply plumbing

    I'm wondering if any of you would care to share your verbage or recommendations when you encounter polybutylene supply plumbing.

    I've read a lot about in online over the years and it seems the installs with the metal connectors are somewhat better. I guess my question is how much better?

    Do you recommend all out replacement?

    I think it's been at least 5 years since I've seen any. I don't want to needlessly scare anyone but it certainly seems like something to make people aware of.

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    Default Re: PB supply plumbing

    Here is the official verbiage from the NC Home Inspectors Licensing Board...

    Polybutene plumbing supply lines (PB) are installed in the subject house. It has been used in this area for many years, but has had a higher than normal failure rate. Copper and brass fittings used in later years have reduced the failure rate. The subject house has ( circle one ) brass – copper – plastic – fittings. Polybutene plumbing pipe is an approved material in North Carolina. For further details contact 1-800-392-7591 or visit the Website"

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    Default Re: PB supply plumbing

    Those copper fittings are better but the pipe can fail if on a water system that uses chlorine. I can not find any data on well water used with PB but I still report it.

    This has to be a summary item in NC, some Charlotte agents say that many inspectors do not put it in the summary. It will catch up to them eventually.

    The new round of rules coming in NC will require all inspectors to be listed in the online directory. Then we can see where Duffin is located. : ) My guess is the eastern part of the state.

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    Default Re: PB supply plumbing

    The water lines inside the house appear to be polybutylene type piping. This piping and the fittings have been found to fail resulting in water leakage in the piping. The buyer should investigate, obtain information, and refer questions by calling the Plumbing Claims Group, Inc., at 1-800-356-3496. It it may be possible to have the polybutylene piping replaced by the Plumbing Claims Group as directed by the class action lawsuit on this material.

    Don Merritt
    Germantown, Tennessee


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