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    This past Monday Mrs. Client called me and told me that there was a "bad smell" in her laundry room. I had inspected this house for her about a month ago, and the client moved in a week after the inspection. The bad smell was noticed about two weeks ago. When first noticed, Mrs. Client called a plumber, who told her that "some thing" had died in the laundry room and that the smell should go away. He also offerred to evaluate the laundry waste pipe for a trap and leaks for $300. She passed on the testing, the smell did not go away, so a pest control company was consulted. They agreed that some thing had died, but could not find anything dead in the laundry room. They suggested that the duct work be checked.

    Mrs. Client finally called ME. I was heading back into town from an out of town inspection, and offerred to drop by since I was going to pass by the house. As I was driving I reviewed the layout of the house, the fact that it was on a slab, and that a half bathroom was located next to the laundry room. When I pulled up in the drive way I noticed that the washing machine was sitting on the driveway. I knocked on the side door that is accessed from the drive way. The laundry room is on the other side of this door. When Mr. Client opened the door, I was struck by a strong decaying odor. I agreed with the plumber and the pest control company, some thing had died.

    As I moved about the laundry room I noticed that the smell was strongest by the dryer. As I leaned over the dryer to smell at the laundry stand pipe, the odor was diminished. As I pulled back, with my nose being directly over the top of the dryer, the odor grew stronger. I then began sniffing the various containers stored on top of the dyer. When I got to the medium pink bucket, I pulled back quickly because I had found the winner! When I told Mr. Client to smell the top of the bucket, he quickly realized what had happened and turned red. When looking inside the bucket, one could see plastic Easter Eggs. Under the the plastic eggs were real Easter Eggs. He quickly moved the bucket outside. We then went and informed Mrs. Client. It was then her turn to turn red.

    Travis Grubbs

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    Did you always find the most eggs at Easter Egg Hunts when you were a kid?

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    No, but I have gotten better with age.



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