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    Default Max length of flex gas connectors

    What is maximum allowed length of flexible (SST) gas (propane) connectors to water heaters and furnaces? If I read the IRC correctly, it is 3 feet for water heaters which is not a moveable appliance (oddly enough, it allows longer lines to dryers and ranges). I also don't see any IRC requirements for support of flex gas lines. The manufacturer is Dormont; they seem to specialize in commercial kitchen applications, so don't list any restrictions on residential installation. I am worried about this installation because this 6' gas line runs unsupported about 18" above floor behind the water softener - what if they had to work on the water softener and it falls over? I'd like to be able to back up my recommendation for a call to a plumber (especailly because it is a small town, so it would likely end up being the same guy that installed it in the first place)

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    Cool Re: Max length of flex gas connectors

    Flexible appliance connectors should not be confused with CSST. Flex connectors can be a max of 3 ft except for ranges and domestic clothes dryers, which can be a max. of 6 ft. The intent is to allow the appliance to be pulled out for service.

    Routing a flex connector behind another appliance is an improper application as this must be "piping" and not a "connector". Also, see above limits.


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