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    Angry Gurgle...gurgle

    Hey guys, what causes a sink to gurgle when no apparent water is running anywhere in the house?

    Driving everyone crazy!



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    Don that was just discussed on the other post its proberly the ac drain

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    My mother's house is located near the coast and she gets some really high winds when the storm come in across the pacific. The air flowing across the roof causes the pressure to drop rapidly in relation to the pressure in the house causing the water level in the toilet bowls to drop and the sinks to gurgle.

    Does this happen during high winds? If not, then ignore my post.

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    This is the other thread referred to earlier.
    The thought being the drain line on the A/C is not trapped and vented properly and is forcing air into or out of the condensate line under pressure of the blower.
    Gunter's thought seems to be similar except with the outdoor wind pressure difference causing air to gurgle past the plumbing trap(s) only during high wind events.
    Other thoughts, could be a blocked vent that lets a trap get sucked nearly dry... try tracking the noise to the particular trap and isolating the times that it happens (i.e. only when the wind blows out of the south over 10mph, anytime the a/c runs, etc.)
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    Smile Re: Gurgle...gurgle

    Thanks for the notes y'all.

    Weather was warm and kinda balmy as I recall...not windy. The AC drain set-up could be the culprit.

    Thanks. Don


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