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    Post Flex gas line at exterior

    I would like to know if flexible gas line is allowed at the exterior. The line comes from the meter and into the wall for a gas firepalce. I thought that this was allowed, however I don't like the way it looks.

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    Default Re: Flex gas line at exterior

    IRC 2422.1.2 ---- Connections shall not be concealed within or extend through, walls, floors,---- Exception: Fireplace inserts factory equipped with grommets sleeves,or other means of protection in accordance with the listing of the appliance.

    Might want to check installation Instruction to see if it meets the Exception.

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    Default Re: Flex gas line at exterior

    The WARDFLEX Mechanical Joint fittings and couplings have been tested and are listed per the requirements of
    ANCI/AGA LC-01-2005- CGA 6.26b-MO1 (USA & Canada). This specification provides test requirements which
    certify fittings for concealed locations and connections to appliances where accessibility is not possible.
    Billy, this might apply to the concern you raised.

    General Provisions

    WARDFLEX Mechanical Joint Fittings shall be protected from the effects of weather when used out
    doors. After the connection is made to outdoor equipment the WARDFLEX Mechanical Joint Fitting
    shall be sealed by wrapping two layers of tape (e.g. PVC, Silicone) or by applying shrink sleeves (e.g.
    PVC, Polyolefin).

    The following additional instructions regard the use of WARDFLEX in systems in which portions of the
    piping are exposed to the outdoors as required to make connections to gas meters or gas appliances,
    which are attached to, mounted on, or located in close proximity to the building structure.

    In cases where conflicting requirements exist, the order of precedence shall be as follows:
    1 - Local Code
    2 - Manufacturer’s Instructions

    The external protective covering shall remain intact as much as practical for the given installation.

    When installed along the side of a structure (between the ground and 6 ft.) in an exposed condition, the
    WARDFLEX must be protected inside a conduit or installed in a location which will not subject it to
    mechanical damage.

    WARDFLEX shall not be buried directly in the ground or directly embedded in concrete (e.g. patio
    slabs, foundations or walk ways). When burial or embedment is required,WARDFLEX shall be routed
    inside nonmetallic (e.g.PVC) conduit. The conduit shall be sealed at any exposed end to prevent water
    from entering using double wrapped PVC tape or PVC shrink sleeves.

    When installed in crawl spaces or underneath mobile homes,WARDFLEX shall be installed in
    accordance with WARD’s standard installation instructions. No special precautions are required
    beneath the structure.

    When using a termination plate for an outdoor application, all four mounting fasteners shall be used
    when installing the termination fitting.

    : When installing WARDFLEX in brick or other applications where CSST may be exposed to an acid
    wash, shield the WARDFLEX and/or ensure that all traces are removed to prevent premature corrosion failure!

    This would give you details about the outdoor installation of Wardflex.
    Other brands are probably similar, but you might want to verify.

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas


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