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    Default Gray drainage piping

    Never seen this piping before. The manufacturer is Robintech. I believe it is conduit, not drainage piping. Anybody seen this?

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    Default Re: Gray drainage piping

    May not be any acceptable glue for combining those also.

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    Default Re: Gray drainage piping

    central vac

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    Default Re: Gray drainage piping

    I did a Google search on Robintech and could not find anything current, only that it is a Superfund cleanup site.

    That is the first time I've seen "plumbing" PVC made with the formed bell coupling on the end. They make electrical PVC with those ends as electrical PVC does not have to be pressure rated (plumbing PVC is pressure rated). When those bell coupling ends are formed, the wall thickness gets thinner where the wall is enlarged.

    Also DWV fittings must be made so that the inner wall flow of water is basically continuous, with no interruptions. Those formed bell coupling ends could cause a stoppage problem or time, especially if any were installed against the flow of waste/water.

    Maybe it was allowed at one time, you would need to get the number of the standard to which it was listed and that standard would tell what it was for.

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    Default Re: Gray drainage piping

    Mr. Peck:

    Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company - Product Information

    Occasionally we've used similar pipes when running extra long water mains (outside the house of course).

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    Default Re: Gray drainage piping

    The picture shows it is SCH 40 pipe, the ASTM # is not showing, so its hard to say if it meets the plumbing code. I wish we could see more of the writing on the pipe to determine if it is truly plumbing rated SCH40 pipe or if it is Electrical SCH 40 conduit. If it has the ASTM # D1785 on it , it would be for plumbing. If there is a UL 651, or ANSI/NEMA TC-2 on it, it is conduit.

    It is not unusual for PVC drainage / sewer pipe to have a bell end. Its not very common to be used indoors. I see this type of pipe all the time at the material yards that sell pipe for underground sewers.

    If you scroll down to the first bullet on this page from Charlotte pipes it will tell you they make the pipes plain end and bell ends. PVC and CPVC Pipe and Fittings

    Robintech is also known as National Pipe & Plastics. here is a PDF on their Schedule 40 /DWV pipe. Which it states.

    pipe is manufactured with solvent weld bell
    in accordance with ASTM D2672 Standard. Plain End (P.E.)
    available upon request.
    So as per their own spec sheet bell end pipe is standard for them.

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