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    Default "Danze" tub/shower fixture

    Just when I think I've seen it all I run across something that baffles me. Yesterday in a bathroom that has been remodeled in the past 3 or 4 years I found a 2 handled tub/shower faucet with the third handle in the middle for the shower diverter. Nothing unusual about that. The strange part was that when I turned on one of the water valves the cold water came out; OK. When I turned on the other one nothing happened. So, I can get cold water but no hot. I figured they forgot to hook up the hot side or the valve was defective. Later, still confused, I came back, turned on the cold, watched the flow and turned the other handle. The volume of water increased and after a few seconds the water got warm. This morning I called a local plumbing supplier and my plumber and was told that a company called "Danze" had made a fixture like this one a few years ago. Apparently, this is another device to protect people so they can't possibly get burned with hot water. I know that all tub/shower fixtures have a safety mixing valve built in for this purpose, but this is the first one I've seen like this. The supply house said they quit carrying it because it was too confusing to people. The plumber said he had seen a couple of them and they are junk; besides that, he just didn't like them.
    Have any of you ever heard of or seen one of these? What is your experience or feelings about them?
    Brent Lerwill, Coos Bay, Or.
    The Oregon Coast...where moisture is always an issue.

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    Brent Lerwill, Coos Bay, Oregon

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    Default Re: "Dan's" tub/shower fixture

    Michael Thomas
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    Default Re: "Dan's" tub/shower fixture

    If you have a single handle faucet in a home that has been vacant for more than a month or two, its quite a common problem. Sediment gets caught up in the mixing valve and cause the valve not to operate properly.



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