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    Default Rainwater harvesting systems

    Hi All
    I am very interested in the rain water collection system which is an environment friendly design application.
    I am in my thesis year right now, and would like to know more about these systems.

    we will highly appreciate your feed back.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Rainwater harvesting systems

    This isn't exactly new technology since they have been installing cisterns to hold rain water since the early Romans. Downside is, it's not potable water.

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    Default Re: Rainwater harvesting systems

    Your question seems a bit odd, besides being too open-ended to be useful. You can google and find tons of info about various systems.
    A better question would be to ask yourself first would be, 'what you want to use the water for?'. Then you searches would probably be more relevant.
    Are you looking to feed landscaping & garden or use as gray water?
    Of course you can buy a nice expensive system as shown on your post link, or just direct you downspouts to available barrels and re-direct at will.
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    Default Re: Rainwater harvesting systems

    Mother earth news

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    Default Re: Rainwater harvesting systems


    here is a link with some details about the rain harvesting thing used here in Oregon.



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