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    Default CPVC dishwaser drain line

    other than no air gap is there any problem with this pipe being used?

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    Default Re: CPVC dishwaser drain line

    Other than multiple clamps holding multiple connections on each end and giving more areas to possibly leak, I don't see a concern other than mentioned. Hey it is cpvc for hot water! Well no high loop for not using an air gap.

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    Default Re: CPVC dishwasher drain line

    While it could very well meet the requirements for a high loop as many manufacturers only specify the height as being 18" to 21" above the floor (thereby negating the need for an air gap).

    The typical countertop is 36" high above the floor, that is probably only about 12" down maximum (allowing for a standard depth sink), that may still be 26" high above the floor. Allowing another 4" for a deep sink and you would still be 21" high above the floor - still as high as is recommended by many manufacturers.

    I'd be concerned about a few things:
    - noise, that thing jumping around when the dishwasher is discharging
    - stress on the rigid joints, see above
    - smaller diameter than the standard provided with discharge drain line, see above
    - 90 degree pressure elbows instead of sweep drain fittings, see above
    - not installed in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions (never have seen an installation instructions show anything other than the provided-with-the-unit discharge drain line)

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