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    Default Water Heater Location

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    Default Re: Water Heater Location

    Quote Originally Posted by dan orourke View Post
    Electric water heater is located in the washer/dryer room, 2 feet from the laundry room to garage door.

    Does the water heater need to be elevated due to the lower eletrical element providing an ignition source to vapors, fumes etc. from the garage if door is left open?
    If the water heater is not "in" the garage, i.e., the laundry room has a door to the garage and to the house, making the laundry room "not in" the garage, then no.

    If the laundry room is off the garage (a door opens from the garage into a laundry closet "in" the garage), then yes. However, that closet is likely to be raised above the garage floor, in which case it may have raised the lower element up high enough already.

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