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    Smile Drainage Tile Location

    To All,

    I did a crawlspace inspection late this afternoon and came across the drainage tile on the inside of the crawlspace above ground. I've never seen this set-up before. Is this a correct installation? My understanding is that they are generally installed below ground at the footer level? Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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    I see quite a few retro- fit drainage system installations around here. I can't really speak for Chicago, but in Oregon I see pretty much anything and everything.

    Ideally, they should have trenched around the perimeter of the crawlspace and graded the perf. pipe/ gravel to a low point drain or something. Much of the water that enters crawlspaces seems to seep in at the top of the footing, so that installation may work even though it is not dug all the way down beneath the base of the footing(I would have to be there to give a better guess). Was the pipe set directly above grade throughout, or were trenches dug out sloped toward a low point?

    They probably went back in after the foundation was already poured and set the drainage system in place.... Since there are excavator marks on the interior sides of the stem wall's, they must have dug down at least partially below crawlspace grade?

    Important thing to remember.......... make sure trenches are not dug too close to footings or stem walls--- they should not be within the 45 deg. mark measured from the base of the footings.

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    I think Brandon has it. if it works then all is good.

    you may want to come back in the winter and look see how things are doing.



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    While that may work to avoid standing water in the crawl it may not keep the water low enough to keep the soil dry which could lead to damp conditions. On the other hand, I do not see a water line on the foundation. It would be worth noting in a report that it is not a buried system and my not provide the dry conditions that are desired.

    Eric Barker, ACI
    Lake Barrington, IL


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