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    Default no skimmer/ pool drain on side of pool

    I have seen 1 pool that was designed without a skimmer, but I have never seen one with a drain located on the side under the light fixture. What are the rules for a skimmerless pool and what about that main drain on the side of the pool?

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    Default Re: no skimmer/ pool drain on side of pool

    Not much of a drain if it is on the side wall. How would you drain the pool if needed without the use of a pump?

    Not being on the bottom the debris which collects on the bottom will not be picked up.

    A skimmer is basically to catch debris on the top of the water. You could actually get by without one, but having the drain on the side wall is not practical.

    How many returns were there back to the pool?


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    Default Re: no skimmer/ pool drain on side of pool

    Main drains are not required. It is permissible to pump out a pool on those few occasions which require that a pool be drained all the way.

    The location is up to the designer of the pool.

    From the FBC - Private Swimming Pools. (underlining is mine)
    - 424.2.6.6 Entrapment protection for suction inlets.
    - - 424. Location.
    - - - Suction inlets shall be provided and arranged to produce circulation throughout the pool or spa.


    - - 424. Suction inlets per pump.
    - - - A minimum of two suction inlets shall be provided for each pump in the suction inlet system, separated by a minimum of 3 feet (914 mm) or located on two different planes; i.e., one on the bottom and one on the vertical wall, or one each on two separate vertical walls. These suction inlets shall be plumbed such that water is drawn through them simultaneously through a common line to the pump. When a skimmer is used in conjunction with a single main outlet to meet the requirements of this section, the common suction line must be in compliance with Section 424. such that a vacuum cannot be drawn on any single main outlet or skimmer.

    Were there 2 suction inlets? If so, a skimmer is not required. If not, then something is lacking someplace.

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