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    Default Sunroom on golf course Which windows

    Laminated or tempered glass on year round high roof ,brick and glass sunroom on TN golf course? And we are looking at slider vinyl windows as well as some fixed picture windows but trying to figure out screening to protect most vulnerable sides. Any ideas. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Sunroom on golf course Which windows

    Lexan Keep the golfballs out

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    Default Re: Sunroom on golf course Which windows

    Depends on where you are along the course and what is between the house and the course.

    My Dad's house was about 75-100 yards along the fairway. He got balls in the trees between his house and the fairway. House was about 75 feet from the fairway but with about 40-50 feet of trees. No concern about broken windows. Neighbors house was about 50 feet from the fairway with maybe 30 feet of trees. Closer to the tee so had much fewer balls in the backyard. The clower to the tee the, shallower the backyards.

    Tempered glass just breaks into tiny pieces. Laminated glass has a piece of heavy plastic to prevent objects passing through the glass. If you are concerned about penetration of golf balls, tempered glass is not the solution.

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    Default Re: Sunroom on golf course Which windows

    Bulletproof Glass Video Comparison | Pacific BulletProof Company

    This should work if you aren't on a budget

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    Default Re: Sunroom on golf course Which windows

    I recommend the use of Conserva Glass with an R4 rating. Not only will this enhanced R value keep you warm in winter, it will also function to keep those unpleasant hot summer temperatures under control.

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    Default Re: Sunroom on golf course Which windows

    There are several companies that manufacture solar and safety films that are applied on the window that will stop golf balls from breaking through. These films are tough and often stop break-ins.

    These may be an inexpensive alternative

    3M™ Safety & Security Window Films - Residential safety and security window film for homes - 3M US



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