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    Default Is This Roof Done Properly???

    We had our roof replaced 11 months ago and we are still working with the company to make repairs. My concern now is what seems to me as shotty repairs that will affect the resale of our home in 2 to 3 years. Could someone please explain to me if it is proper to nail flashing into the fireplace to hold if flush?
    They were to be here 3 hours ago to repair open drip edges and these items are of major concern for me. Should I take them at their word that this is the proper way to make repairs or are my concerns validated?
    Thank ~ You, Johanna

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    Default Re: Is This Roof Done Properly???

    Nope not normal.... in fact, I don't recall every having seen that.

    It's tough to see from the picture but I can't see the step flashing in each course of shinlges that works in conunction with the counter-flashing (pieces set into the chimney). Is this a second layer of roofing? I ask because of the lack of clearance between the flashing and the roof. Many times I've seen the step flashing left off on layer overs and it's very wrong.

    It sounds like you have some definite problems and should get an opinion other than the guys who put it on who have every reason to say you don't have a problem.

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    Default Re: Is This Roof Done Properly???

    No, that's BS.
    Hire a real roofer to inspect all they have done, and come up with a repair estimate.
    Hand it to the BS roofer and give him 2 choices
    Pay Up
    or PAy Up


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