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    Default 100 or 200 amp pannel??

    Hi all I got a question, anyone can tell me by looking at this panel what service maybe it be 100 or 200 amp, what my inspector was saying that it run 2 separate lines 100amp each from the outside meeter, my question is what panel should I buy 100 or 200 amp, furnace in this house is brand new forced air electrical.
    I will really appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: 100 or 200 amp pannel??

    Are you going to replace the panel shown in the picture with a new panel or are you adding a new panel outside to refeed this panel?

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    Default Re: 100 or 200 amp pannel??

    I'm going to replace the whole panel

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    Default Re: 100 or 200 amp pannel??

    Short answer - a 200 amp breaker panel is needed.

    Long answer - An inspection of the service drop and service cables is needed. I don't believe there is a main disconnect at the meter, is there? So if your inspector is correct about separate conductors going to those two fuse panels, that part of the service will need to be upgraded. You can not put a 200 amp main breaker on service conductors that where only rated for 100 amps. The service conductors will need to be replaced by a qualified electrician. Best practice is to let him make the installation, and he will take care of the permit process as well.
    By today's standards, that installation would not be allowed, so you can not just replace those fuse panels with 2 100 amp breaker panels. There must be a 200 amp main breaker, then a down stream 100 amp breaker can feed the furnace.

    If the conductors from the Ontario Hydro to the meter is undersized, it will also need to be replaced. That is why you need the help of a professional.
    I believe there must be 100 amp cartridge fuses in that central panel. Got more pics?

    In Toronto, Canada, main breakers are not normally found outside.

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    Lightbulb Re: 100 or 200 amp pannel??

    what I remember there was 2 100amp fuses in that panel, no this is the only pic I got, and I'm getting my keys in 2 weeks.


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