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    Default Aluminum Armor & Romex Question.

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    Default Re: Aluminum Armor & Romex Question.

    This belongs in the "Questions from DIY, Homeowners, Homebuyers" area, not the technical forum areas. Do not be surprised if you return to view your topic you find it has been relocated there.

    No you may not deconstruct a cable assembly and use the unlisted components as a different wiring method. Unless, of course you're willing to pay a small fortune to have an NTL come out, pay a small fortune to have it tested and labeled (won't happen).

    The componant conductors of a cable assembly are NOT sold for, approved, listed or labeled for such deconstruction of assembly and re-purposed use, irrespective of what markings may or may not be on the conductors' insulation. Terminations and wiring method transitions must be legal and contained.

    Type NM cable has an entire section devoted to its proper use as a wiring method in the NEC, you'll find it in Chapter 3. You'll find the assembly which was listed references Standards. Those Standards reference the Section illuded to in the NEC.

    In Chapter 1, section 110 you'll find a subsection which references using listed products not inconsistant with their listing, which said listing references the standard(s) which said standards reference the NEC.

    Listed, labeled wire for use as individual conductors which may be pulled through conduit are readily available. You'll find it fully identified, listed, labeled, tagged, by the wire manufacturer, and sold on spools, and with a variety of different insulation colors, in addition to bare.

    You may not reidentify as you described, either. Limitations regarding 2-wire circuits - your new-to-be installed heater with fan is not among the exceptions.

    Hire an electrician.

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