I'm a first-time home buyer and am about to tour a number of homes. One of the homes that looks like a very good prospect has a stone veneer exterior. This has an attractive appearance, but I wasn't familiar with it, so I googled "disadvantages of stone veneer". One of the hits I got was this one. Needless to say, the information on that site scared the daylights out of me.

It seems to me that to protect my interests, I'll need a home inspector who is very familiar with the potential problems of stone veneer. But since I've never hired a home inspector before, I'm not sure if I need to find someone who specializes in this area, or if this is the kind of thing that all home inspectors are thoroughly familiar with. Are there special certifications I should be looking for, for example?

What I'd need would be a referral to someone who could cover the Austin TX suburbs (specifically Pflugerville) and could give a thorough look at the stone veneer.


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