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    Question Earthquake Brace as Primary Foundation?

    I'm new to the forum, and a first time MH buyer.
    I'm in pending status to buy a 1979 2032 sq. ft. home. A H&S inspector, and subsequently two contractors have told me that the foundation is up to (varying estimates) 75% in need of repair. One contractor suggested replacing about 40% of the piers, etc., while the other recommended a total replacement. Both contractors came within ~$1k on their estimates.
    Went back to the seller with this information to discuss possible Section 1 issues. He went ballistic, claims he called several contractors/inspectors (but has not provided any written reports, etc. from them) who have assured him that the earthquake brace under the home counts as its primary foundation, and the piers, etc. are secondary (and not too many need replacing). thus he argues this isn't a Section 1 issue, as not that many piers etc. need replacement.

    The company that placed the EQ brace is no longer in business, so I can't discuss his claims with them. In this process, he has managed to upset other contractors who won't touch the place now.

    Does anyone have any resources, advice etc. to point me towards so I can decide if this is on the level (no pun intended).

    Cheers, David O

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    Default Re: Earthquake Brace as Primary Foundation?

    Check your inbox, I sent you a pm.

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    Default Re: Earthquake Brace as Primary Foundation?

    Santa Clara has a very good building department. I would suggest taking any documentation you have and going in to have a chat with them. They may be able to offer some opinion that will give clarity to the issues you are seeing. You may also want to get a company that does manufactured home foundation inspections to do an inspection. Hayman Engineering is one that comes to mind.


    Rick Bunzel


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