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    We purchased our "cedar" home in 2007 and recently received estimates for painting. Upon speaking with a reputable painter (25 yrs in business), he pointed out that our siding was not cedar. In fact, the siding was Louisiana Pacific and delaminating. The house was built in 1994 and the siding has not shown any visible changes since our time of purchase. The bottom 3 boards do show softness. Does anyone have experience with this type of siding? I have researched it and found the siding was part of a class action lawsuit.

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    Louisiana Pacific siding or "LP" is a wood composite siding that has been known to have moisture related failure issues. Older LP siding is composed of glue and wood chips and readily absorbs moisture when not properly installed. Very commonly it was not painted and/or caulked properly and failed at locations with exposed end grains or at penetrations and punctures. There was a class action lawsuit that dealt with this product if it was installed prior to 1996 though it has been closed since 2002. There is a huge volume of information about this online. If your bottom 3 boards "show softness" it is definitely worth having a licensed contractor further evaluate as it is possible that the moisture condition can affect not only the siding but the framing structure of the home.


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