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    Quote Originally Posted by wood7926 View Post
    should the return air vent be in the wall or on the floor?????
    Wall, floor, or ceiling.

    where should be thermosate be located for A/C unit ??????????
    In the return air stream. There is no specific place it should go for all installations, its location will vary depending on the system, number of rooms covered, and location of the return air grille.

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    Default Re: on central A/C ductwork ,

    The return air duct's location really should be determined by the floorplan of the house. many factors would influence its proper placement. ie; one story or two raised house or slab on grade ect... however, the one constant is that it should always be centrally located away from any exterior walls or doors. The same applies to the thermostat, although it should not be in close proximity(a few feet) to the intake. I hope this was helpful.

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