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    Default a/c unit mounting ?

    A house I'm looking to purchase for a rental property has the a/c unit on the side of the house. Not sure if they are suppose to be so close to the house, is there a requirement? Or a code? Please advise. Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: a/c unit mounting ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Gilleran View Post
    the a/c unit on the side of the house.
    Depends on the unit.

    Most manufacturers of split systems require a minimum of 12" clearance on all sides except for the service access side and that side requires a working space of 30" wide by 36" deep in front of the service side.

    There are package systems where the entire unit is contained in one package unit mounted to the exterior of the house with a large hole through the exterior wall of the house through which electrical and ductwork run.

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    Default Re: a/c unit mounting ?

    Suggest you retain the services of a professional Home Inspector.

    The zoning code, building code, mechanical code, electrical code, and/or property maintenance code may all speak to your concern. Check with your local community development/building/etc. departments.


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