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    I am installing a sub pannel off of annother much larger sub pannel. the wires i want to extend into the new sub pannel enter the existing pannel in a conduit so i have connected a conduit 90 to join them, so i wanted for simplicity to run the nessesary wire through the first box directly into the the new one ,how ever some of the wires are too short. Is it a problem if i splice them with marretts in the existing pannel? ( commercial application )

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    I'm sure it would be okay to do this, but I would strongly suggest replacing the cable with a piece that will fit. Depending on where the slice is it could be potentially dangerous. You might want to consult a Boston electrician for further advice.

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    You can not use a panel as a junction box like you are wanting to do. To do it right you need to take the conduit loose from the existing panel and move it to the new panel. You got a picture?

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    James, he is in Canada and working on a commercial job. George, you need to talk to an electrician in your area to see what the local authority will accept or reject. If you pulled a permit, you would get your answer there.

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