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    Default Uncut post tension tendon & settling nearby.

    I discovered an uncut 5 to 6 feet post tension rusted tendon with cap still at slab in my flower bed. The house (in Plano, TX) is nearing 19 years. I bought the house 13 years ago and currently have settling in NorthWest part near the uncut tendon that has resulted in separation of bricks at second story level and a half inch brick joint separation at the hight level. Somehow this has not been caught by many foundation repair companies that have quoted for installing piers. I have been watering foundation by hand in the current heat marathon here in DFW. I am not an inspector but a mechanical engineer & have searched the forum and read posts on post tension tendons.

    Would you please recommend a nearby professional who I can consult to see what to do with post tension uncut tendon and willing to do only needed/limited pier work. Many thanks for your replies and suggestions.

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    Default Re: Uncut post tension tendon & settling nearby.

    Post a pic.

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    Default Re: Uncut post tension tendon & settling nearby.

    I'm a little confused. Why would you want to cut the tendons?

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    Default Re: Uncut post tension tendon & settling nearby.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vern Heiler View Post
    I'm a little confused. Why would you want to cut the tendons?
    typically a live end tendon extends past the form/pour
    hydraulic jack is used to properly tension the tendons after concrete has set
    excess tendon is cut almost flush with wedge anchor
    grout is applied in the tendon duct opening to cover and protect the completed live end

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    Default Re: Uncut post tension tendon & settling nearby.

    The first thing is to have the contractor verify that the tendon was never tensioned and that what you are looking at is the live end not tensioned and not cut off.

    It may be a tendon was cut through and came out.

    If the tendon was never tensioned, that may not be such a big deal (if you are lucky, those are supposed to be cut, packed, and sealed as soon as possible, to help keep moisture and resulting rust out, which may be a problem after 19 years.

    If the tendon was cut, then the floor would need to be chipped out and a coupling installed with a sleeve tube to allow the tendon to be tensioned and allow for the coupling to move the proper distance of the pull.

    As for a contractor in your area, I will leave that to the Texas guys - that contractor should be able to tell you which problem you have, oh, and typically you would need to start with a structural engineer to design the repair, then the contractor simply does what the engineer says to do (I would suspect the contractor has an engineer on staff or works with an engineer - so the contractor may be the one to call ... all depends on what is most common in your area).

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    Default Re: Uncut post tension tendon & settling nearby.

    One tendon not stressed or even broke/cut is more than likely never going to have an affect on anything. It would have nothing to do with the home settling. As far as a company to help you out. Barry called it right.


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