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    Default plumber recommendation?

    Is anyone currently living (or familiar with) in the Twin Cities area that could suggest a reputable Minneapolis plumbers service? Over the weekend we finished putting a new tub, surround, and fixtures in our main bathroom, but since the homeowners before us had some creative ways of plumbing we had a lot of "fun" making sure the pipes were fitted correctly. Or so we thought... Just last night while our son was showering, the cold water pipe started leaking and created a puddle in our basement. Not being educated in plumbing, we don't want to have to keep messing around and guessing the right way to do it and continue having issues. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Default Re: plumber recommendation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne208 View Post
    Is anyone currently living (or familiar with) in the Twin Cities
    Twin cities where? Minnesota? Illinois?

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    Default Re: plumber recommendation?

    Try Angie's List.


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