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    Default water/ sewer codes for North Carolina

    What is the minimum depth for a sewer connection line that runs to the city service line? A sewer line was recently installed in King, NC, and I believe a lot of the work is not to code. One example is one home-owners
    connection line is visible in his front yard.
    Thanks for any help given...T.Ward

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    Default Re: water/ sewer codes for North Carolina

    The sewer from the house can not be any deeper than the sewer at the street. How deep is the city sewer line?

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    Default Re: water/ sewer codes for North Carolina

    Connection or cleanout?

    The above statements are expressed solely as my opinion and in all probability will conflict with someone else's.
    Stu, Fredericksburg VA

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    Default Re: water/ sewer codes for North Carolina

    Not sure of depth of sewer line at street. Some cleanouts are as high as 15" above ground. Is that code? Who wants a neighborhood with white cleanouts sticking up that high? I have three cleanouts in my yard, alone.
    Inspector says its to code.
    The sewer line in question is from one mobile home on a knoll approx. 20' above street level. Where the connection line meets the street, the top of the pipe is visible above ground. Shouldn't it be at least as deep as the frost line? King's engineer and a state engineer says it passes code. Am I the dumb one here?
    Thanks for the replys, guys!

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    Default Re: water/ sewer codes for North Carolina

    Distinctions with differences:

    "building drain" vs. "building sewer", and the connection point of same.

    The required cleanout locations for both.

    "home" versus "Manufactured Home" ("mobile home") as you admitted to in the last post.

    Lots upon same - owned or leased? How titled, divided, sub-divided?

    Area surrounding same - common property?

    Private system, community system, and connections therein, municipal system, points of demarkation, differing rules, differing design criteria.

    "Mobile home park"

    It seems you have concerns that can be addressed quickly by making a freedom of information act request at the local authority having jurisdiction's office, then following up with some reading at the local repository for the codes cited in the plans submitted for the recently completed project.

    You seem to be inordinately consumed with the visibility of "sewer" cleanout access (suspect building drain/building sewer connections, and changes in direction for both) and multiple clean-out locations required. Their height is determined minimally prescribed by the size and elevation above the lateral, and the corresponding grade. Building drains outside the footprint minimally require 3" cover protection from frost protection in NC; requirements for building "sewer" are different, as are further connections "downstream".

    Protection from freezing is a common "issue" for service connections and "building" or "premisis" systems with "mobile homes", especially when temperatures fall below regional "design" standards for any length of time and/or when protections and systems are not well maintained.

    P.S. Please keep your subject contained on one topic discussion. Multiple topic posts on the same issue, even when re-worded, are frustrating.

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    Default Re: water/ sewer codes for North Carolina

    Thank you for the info, but it was about 5' over my head. It appears I should get a lawyer involved as I'm not familar with anything you just informed me. What I'm trying to do is what's right, and not let a municapality treat us admitted "mobile home" dwellers, with the disdain that they have shown. Perhaps, I did confuse you with multiple questions, and for that, I am sorry.


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