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Thread: T-111 caulking

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    Question T-111 caulking

    My house has some kind of non-wood t-111 look-alike siding. I have developed some black mold in an upstairs bedroom where the wall facing the weather meets the ceiling. The home was built in 2005.

    A pretty knowledgable friend of mine says moisture is getting in because the panel joints were not caulked. The county inspector said they rely on the manufacturor's specifications. My problem is that I don't know enough to recognize what kind of siding it is. So I have two questions:

    1. Who makes this kind of siding? and,

    2. Is this a likely cause of the mold?

    Thank you to anyone willing to help.


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    Default Re: T-111 caulking

    Thomas, how about a couple of pictures. Hopefully one with an exposed edge on view that isn't painted or finished. Is it real wood or some type of engineered wood?

    I kind of have my guesses on this already. A few pictures might clarify a little.

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    Default Re: T-111 caulking

    Thanks David,

    I'll get some and post them here, may take the weekend.

    Thanks again,


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    T-111 style panels rely on Z type flashing at butt joints and a modified ship lap at the long lap joints. Caulking would be a plus and should be used but it is not the likely cause of your problem. Send photos and we may be able to offer more directed comments.

    Jeff Zehnder - Home Inspector, Raleigh, NC

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    I agree with Jeff - the siding is not likely the problem if you have water stains at the ceiling wall intersection of the upper floor. It sounds to me like ice damming could be causing this or a roof leak.


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