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    Default Hot Tub Disconnect Switch

    I live in Illinois and am trying to sell our house. The inspector came thru and in his report said the hot tub needed a disconnect switch. Is it a requirement in Illinois to have a disconnect switch on your hot tub in a single family home?

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    Default Re: Hot Tub Disconnect Switch

    The National Electrical Code specifies that a manual disconnect device for your hot tub be installed at least 5 ft. away, and within line of sight of the spa for safety. Consult with your local building department for additional information.

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    Default Re: Hot Tub Disconnect Switch

    Illinois is a home rule state. Electrical Codes are adopted by local jurisdiction and ammended by same. Only the plumbing aspect is legislated at the state level (Chicago excepted), and even then, may be further restrictive at a local one. As phrased, nope, not necessarily.


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