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    Default Covenant community

    I live in a covenant community.

    I submitted my plan to build a sun room to the president by depositing it in his mail box.
    The covenant community was slow in responding. However one of the staff board came around and verbally told me and my wife it was okay to build a sun room.

    At the time I did not know that a permit was required. There is no electricity or plumbing associated with it.

    Size. 275 square feet

    What can I do to to legalize the structure without being asked to tare it down ?

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    Default Re: Covenant community

    I'll have to make a lot of assumptions since your post doesn't spell out very much. Who's coming after you, the board or the local municipality?
    Let's assume you didn't get full, written permission from the board. In that case, I would recommend:
    - get copies of all community requirements
    - appeal any current board decision
    - provide proof the structure was built within municipal Codes and community guidelines; i.e.. show that it is a compliant structure in all respects, except formal paperwork
    - hire an attorney and possibly architect
    Municipalities typically write up anything done without a permit for removal, deconversion, demolition, etc as a standard practice. However, that does not mean that's what you have to necessarily do.
    Around here, if you can show the structure is compliant, the Muni will typically allow it to stay; IF you complete all necessary paperwork and get all required plans and permits.
    You'll probably need to hire an attorney, architect, expediter or inspector of your own. If the structure isn't compliant you're screwed.
    Who did the job, you or a contractor? If a contractor discuss you options with your attorney. However it typically doesn't result in being whole.
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    Default Re: Covenant community

    Your post is unclear but you appear to have two issues.
    First, go to the local municipality and ask them what you should have done. After you know what was needed you can negotiate with them on how to get there. As an examplein some cases after footings are poured and a structure is built if you dig and expose the front edge of the footings the code and you show what was poured (receipt for concrete) the local official may let it go and pass it.
    Second, the HOA. Call the management company or go to the next meeting and present your case.
    These things take time so dont be in a hurry.

    Jeff Zehnder - Home Inspector, Raleigh, NC

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    Default Re: Covenant community

    Thank you Mr. Keller and Mr. Zhender for your valuable comments which I intending acting on.

    One question I builit this structure myself.

    it is a 16 foot by 12 foot structure. the pillars are built on 12 inch diameter concrete forms which go 32 inches in the ground per Maryland standard for our region.

    It is a solid structure but I need an engineers advice on how to bring it to code. How do I go about finding one. ?


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