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    Default foundation slab crack

    I need help...I'm an appraiser and came across a slab floor in a foreclosure house that was buckeled in the kitchen. The vinyl floor covering was split and the slab is cracked and buckeled all the way across the floor. I went outside to look at foundation where I thought the crack came from and there is a crack in the slab... any ideas of what if might cost to repair...or should I call for a structural inspection??

    Thanks...Amy Y

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    Default Re: foundation slab crack

    Sounds bad but would have to see it.

    How old is the house?
    How much vertical displacement?
    How wide is the crack?

    Is it across the center or near the center?
    If so, this could be the construction joint which may widen some over time.

    Sounds like you will need to CYA on this one and require an engineer since the evidence actually came through the finished flooring material.

    Bruce King, B.A. King Home Inspections, LLC
    Certified Master Inspector, Independent

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    Default Re: foundation slab crack

    thanks for the response Bruce...the house was built in 2007...tract builder KB homes...I tried to upload pics, but didn't have right format... I noticed when I walked over the area...there was a small hump in the floor and the vinyl floor covering was split in that area... I pulled the vinyl back to find the slab cracked all the way across the floor...If you don't mind...if you give me your email address... I can send the pics to you in pdf format...


    Amy Y.


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