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    My wife wants one installed and we bought one already for the new kitchen. I'll be putting it in the granite counter, deck mounting because the adjacent wall is concrete. What makes me question these things and go Hmmmmm, is that they are designed and installed above a cooktop, electric in our case, and they don't have a place to drain... Faucet over sink makes sense. Faucet over stove doesn't. Is there anything in the plumbing codes about these things.

    Another item on my To-Do list is a Vessel Bar Sink that drains horizontally out the back. It'll sit on tempered glass so I'm not drilling holes. Drain and water supply are in/on the wall in the master bath, so no problem there. I have the faucet for that one too, I just can't find one that drains out the back. Any leads from you guys that have seen it all?

    Here's the result of a couple of months of unemployment for your viewing pleasure.

    Pot Filler will go here:

    Before, July 2011:

    Getting there:

    After, Sept 2011, Bar sink will go on the left cabinet:

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    I have seen them installed around all types of stoves. The latest I have seen is one installed over a 6 burner cookstop set into a granite counter. The back of the cooktop was about 15 inches off the wall and the designer had a 1x4 channel cut into the granite to carry any water to a floor drain positioned next to the stove. The drain leading to the stove was in a cabinet designed to hold kitchen towels. it was neat setup. I wish I had some pictures but it would take a while to find them


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