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    Smile Sill not sitting on foundation


    House built in 1935. I noticed while completing some minor electrical work in the basement that the back six feet of the sill on left side of the house was not sitting on the foundation. The sill appears to be straight and level and the basement floor and walls are not cracked or damaged in the problem area.

    The gap between the sill and the foundation is about 6' long tapering from front to back from 0 to about 3/4" wide.

    This portion of the sill also happens to be inside of an attached one-story, one car garage. Looking through the gap, it appears that the foundation wall also tapers up towards the outside, but I can see that the sill is not resting on anything solid on the other side (outside) either. It appears that the sill itself is about 6" wide.

    The question is: how do I fill this crack?

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    A picture would help, if I can build this in my mind, the 6 foot section has not shown any sign of unusual settlement or structure problem or major point load. You could shim it so it has some mid span connection to the foundation sill and then thermal fiber the space. If you use a non shrink grout, I would slip a barrier in between the the bottom of the sill plate to break the grout from touching the wood even though the 1935 construction was old growth lumber.

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