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    Please link to Duct Noise: 20120121-003623H.wmv - YouTube

    Date & Time 2012/01/21 - 00:36 AM
    Outdoor temp: 3 degree C
    Inner temp: 20 degree C
    I heard the noise and recorded it when heating is on about 2 minutes later, but there is no noise at 5:40 - 9:50 from the scroll bar when heating is off that it may be at 7:40, and the noise appear again after 9:50.
    Can anybody tell me what cause this kind of noise?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Duct Noise

    My guess would be metal duct work bound-up and rubbing on wood framing, etc. when the heat is on and metal is expanding then again when the heat cycles off. Just a guess though since I did not take the time to listen to the entire recording and I was not there. Call a good HVAC guy experienced in metal duct work and be prepared to tear out some sheet rock to access the problem... or just live with it.

    Jim Luttrall
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    Default Re: Duct Noise

    i would think thermal expansion and contraction
    but the recording suggests the noise occurs every 10 - 12 seconds
    i have no idea.....


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