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    Default Shut off valve for gas fireplace

    Hi - I am selling my home in Indianapolis and the buyer's inspector says we need to install another shut off valve for our gas fireplace (with insert). We currently have a valve a couple inches inside the fireplace that uses a key. The home is 22 years old and when we purchased the house 11 years ago our inspector didn't say anything about it. I did call a plumber who said he could install one by looping a line through our basement and putting a shut off in the carpet outside the hearth at a cost of $500. I called another plumber for a second quote and he said he thought the code only applied to new builds, not a 22 year old home. Any advice? Would love to save the $500! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Shut off valve for gas fireplace

    Give your local building permit office a call and ask them if the installation is acceptable noting age of your home and installation date.


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