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    Default 'Sticker' boards too close to ground


    I've just had an inspection completed on a house I'm considering purchasing. However, there is wood rot on boards visible in the foundation (see attached picture). Note that these boards are only visible on 1 side of the house and that the house was built in 2003. Initially the inspector believed these to be left in form boards, however, the builder says, quote,

    "From the photo the wood material is located on the exterior of the foundation and is commonly applied pressure treated wood material to allow the siding to be attached to a concrete wall, they are commonly referred to as “stickers”. The material used is a pressure treated wood which is designed to withstand the exterior elements and exposure. This is a common practice used in the building industry."

    With this new information, my inspector now agrees with the builder and proposes the following solution: cut off the bottom 6 inches of the visible 'sticker' boards.

    My main question is;
    Is trimming 6 inches off the bottom a valid solution?
    (subquestion) will trimming 6 inches off reduce the 'sticker's ability to attach the siding to the foundation?

    - Riley Pittman

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