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    Default residential code question

    can I act as my own contractor for my own remodeling, repairs, construction, on my own residential property, w/o a contract's license in san jose, ca for example termite issues.

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    Exclamation Re: residential code question

    Whether the question is "Can" or "May" ... the answer is the same:

    Probably not, considering with your self-declared history - linked and quoted (with my own highlighting, bolding, underlining and color for emphasis) further below.

    Based upon the foregoing, IMO, you do not have the ability ("can") to do so. If you are under decree, order, or consent most certainly not ("may"). Without a legally submitted application/plan and acquired permit and inspection process, again, likely not ("shall").

    Check with the permiting authority of your jurisdiction, the State (CLB), and follow up with an attorney licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction.

    Quote Originally Posted by charlessgold View Post

    I have half garage conversion, from a 2 car garage..stalled single car garage door,
    conversion area has glass door egress and solid door egress into garage for exits in and of 2 doors. has plenty of ventilation . flooring is original concert ,w adhesive tile
    covering in utility area.
    there is a sheet rock dividing wall w/ 8ft ceiling and insulation in all walls.&ceiling.
    the conversion area is used as utility room, w/ desk space, free standing book case,computer space,and t.v. it has heating duct from furnance located in main part of home..
    its has electrical power supply in walls and ceiling from power supply in garage.
    I acted as my own owner/contractor.. approx sq ft 220..electrical was done by
    contractor.. do not recall permits. any info or comments if ok

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    Default Re: residential code question

    I don't know California laws, but owner-built single houses are allowed in B.C., Canada. Owner-builders are exempt from licensing, but they need to provide third-party new home insurance when they sell the house within 10 years. These provisions hold the owner-builder personally responsible to subsequent purchasers for any defects in material, labour or design for 10 years after first occupancy. See details at:
    Homeowners | Homeowner Protection Office

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    Default Re: residential code question

    It is all San Jose,CA dependent. Simply H.G. Has no idea as I do not either. Make a call to the local code enforcement office they will set you straight.

    It is all location dependent and varies within a State.

    Licensed has no correlation to ability. Permits do not correlate to quality.


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