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    Default Proper Ledger Board Deck Flashing

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    I'm hoping someone may be able to take a second and help meunderstand if the flashing on the ledger board is correct. I just build a deck on my brand new home(house built summer 2011) and I'm wondering if I need to go back and remove afew deck boards and re-do the flashing. The flashing that is in the pictures was the flashing that the builderinstalled when they built the house. They attached the ledger and flashing, and last week I built thedeck. I figured it would be sufficientfor me, however after all the reading I have done now it seems that no one usesthis type. What I mean is that the black flashing in the pictures is more of arubber material and not vinyl. Its certainlynot copper, aluminum, or steel. But it does tuck up behind the siding a ways.
    Would anyone be willing to take a look at the pictures andlet me know if this is correct?!? .... If I have to go back and re-do (installa vinyl or metal flashing over the top) it I will. Itís better to spend 100-200 bucks now ratherthan thousands later for a rotted house rim. Last thing I want is to buy abrand new construction and end up on some "DIY gone wrong" show!

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    Default Re: Proper Ledger Board Deck Flashing

    Hope to make a longer reply later. Short on time now.

    The hangers should be insulated from contact with the wood. The PT wood is prob CU and will react with the hangers.

    The rubber acting as the flashing from the siding could be a bit longer. Shedding water from the ledger a bit better. Only way to know how far it goes up behind the siding is to pop siding off and look.

    The father the material that you have shedding water way from the house and ledger the better.

    Unless you take precautions with the type of metal that comes in contact with the PT wood you may be having problems down the road. Most are still doing things the old way and it will come back to haunt them in the future. Thanks to the government deck building has gotten alot more expensive.

    Anything you do to keep water away from the structure is good.

    Was there anything used to stand off the ledger from the house? Was there anything used to between the ledger and the sheathing?


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