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    I live in Allen Texas and considering buying a new house.The one I liked has very large pool on back yard, but when issuing the permitto previous owner city made a mistake because itís over city water lines andlong story short no pool should have ever been built there. Now they are payingfor complete removal and what I was told they will completely remove the shelland fill it with dirt. Considering specifications of the soil (pretty much allhouses have slab foundations and ground shifts a lot) in the area I amconcerned what kind of affect it might have on house foundation over time.There is a large deck with covered patio attached to the house which seats betweenhouse and the pool right now. By just looking at it I think it should be atleast 8 feet from the house to where the pool starts that includes this patio.I understand filled up area where pool was might shift or drop down over time.It happens here in Texas every time anyway, but like I said above my concern isthe house foundation. If anyone can give me any insight about this I wouldgreatly appreciate it! Thank you!

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    the extent of pool removal future impact may be minimized by the replacement soil type and proper compaction throughout the back fill process

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    There are several considerations. First and foremost, when the shell is removed, thesoil near the foundation should not be disturbed. Slab foundations are a minimum 11" in depth and the soil should be stable at a 45 degree angle from the slab. This is very basic so don't pick me apart. I would suggest getting a soils expert in your area to advise you. Texas has a lot of expansive soils that can affect any foundation, especially if you are in a drought with any water restrictions.
    The fill soil can be of an engineered type that will self compact, or the contractor may add lime and compact the soil. Make sure they used an engineer in this field and he directed the contractor how to safely and properly fill the area. There again, get a professional to back fill this, get a warranty from them. Also get a copy of any permits the county issues for your records.

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    Thanks for replay and advise!!!


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