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    Default Different way to mount ledger board

    Good evening!

    I am a fairly handy homeowner and have built several shops, decks, etc over the years. I also do woodworking, welding, etc.

    I am looking at a new project and I have a question. I have a concrete patio that I want to put a pergola over. I want to attach the pergola to the house and anchor 6x6 posts into the concrete using Simpson Strong-Tie EPB44T/EPB44PHDG Elevated Post Base anchors (epoxied into the concrete for uplift conditions) to support the other side. The rafters will be 4x6's 24" OC and span about 11 feet or so. The only load will be themselves and some TuffTex vinyl panels on top of them.

    The issue I have is attaching the ledger board to the house. There is a 12" header I can attach to. However, the header is covered by OSB/wire mesh/scratch coat and rock veneer. There would be at least a 2-3" standoff from the header due to the rock veneer. I spoke with an architect and he suggested mounting the ledger board to the bottom of the rafter tails (they are 2x6's 16"C) and hanging the rafters from it using metal brackets.

    I like the architect's idea better than removing the rock veneer, attaching the ledger and trying to get it waterproof, etc. I would cut out the vinyl soffit material where the ledger would be to ensure a tight fit between the ledger and the rafter tails. I plan on using construction adhesive and 1/2" lag screws to attach the ledger board (pre-drilling to prevent splitting).

    The other option would be to place 1/2" ID galvanized pipe into spaces between the rocks and mounting the ledger board to them with 1/2" galvanized lag screws. My concern with this is the downward pressure of the connectors onto the veneer causing cracks.

    Here's a link to a sketch-
    And a link to a picture of the house where it will be attached -

    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Comments on the various mounting methods I've mentioned are welcomed.


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