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    Default Shower tub drain

    I am installing a shower tub with a two inch drain line directly in to the main stack, is there a particular distance when I need to run a separate vent line?
    Thanks for your help ahead of time.

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    Default Re: Shower tub drain

    Do you have a permit for this? All plumbing work in the city of Milwaukee is to be permitted and performed by a licensed plumber or contractor or the homeowner for 1-2 family dwellings. You should ask the city what plumbing codes they follow and whether they have specific amendments. You should also provide a diagram of your plumbing system layout when applying for the permit and they will tell you whether the venting is sufficient or not. Contact your local plumbing inspector and he should be able to help.

    Generally speaking, if there are no fixtures ahead of/above the connection between the tub drain and the main stack, and the main stack is more than 4" and less than 5' away from the trap weir, then you may be fine. Otherwise you will need to wet vent through a lavatory vent (with lavatory vent size increased accordingly) or dry vent back into the stack above any other drain connections.

    Again, the plumbing code adopted by the city is what matters here and what determines the venting that is required.

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    Default Re: Shower tub drain

    Thank you very much for your help, IM helping a friend in Milwaukee, its an old house built in the 40's, all the drains are directly connected to the stack, starting at the bottom (Basement) with the slop sink, toilet, shower and followed by the bath and kitchen sink drains also connected to the main stack but in the first floor walls. It seems he will need to install the vent since the tub is slightly farther than 5 feet.
    Thanks again,


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