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    Smile How can I tell if I have IC Rated lights

    Hi Everyone...

    I was wondering if someone knows (from the pictures uploaded of my Recessed Lighting in my attic) are IC rated or not. I looked all over the fixture and could not find the manufacturer's name to call them.

    I called my city inspectors and they were not much of a help!

    I appreciate any input you could provide.



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    Default Re: How can I tell if I have IC Rated lights

    I normally find it inside the light can, by looking up from the room below. On the really old ones, it's hard to tell. If there's nothing legible, I would assume that they are not, and move forward from that point.

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    Default Re: How can I tell if I have IC Rated lights

    The best way is to read the label inside the recessed housing, as Jim said.

    On that label you will typically find the lamp type and wattage ratings for that recessed housing, typically there will be 2 different sets of ratings: 1) when used as an IC can in insulated ceilings; 2) when used as a non-IC can in non-insulated ceilings.

    The wattage ratings when used as in an IC installation will be lower than when used in non-IC installations, and there will be a greater variety of lamp types for non-IC use than for IC use. IC use will typically require either a low wattage 'A' lamp ('A' stands for "Arbitrary" shape which is based on the shape Edison used, and the number after the "A" is the diameter in eights of an inch, i.e., A-19 in your standard "Arbitrary" shape which is 19/8 inch in diameter, or 2-3/8 inch), another choice for IC use will typically be the 'R' shaped lamp where 'R' stands for "Reflector" shape. The 'R' shaped lamps project most of their heat outward with the light, whereas most of the heat from 'A' shaped lamps stays within the recessed can, thus the lower rating. The typical sizes of 'R' shaped lamps is R-40, R-30, and R-20, for 40/8 inches diameter (5" dia), 30/8 inches diameter (3-3/4" dia), and 20/8 inches diameter (2-1/2" dia).

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    Default Re: How can I tell if I have IC Rated lights

    As a last resort you can install a 300-watt bulb in the fixture, cover it with insulation, and wait about 10 minutes. If it flickers of shuts off, it may not be IC rated.

    And, before one of the resident wizenheimers jumps on this - it was meant to be funny . . .

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    Default Re: How can I tell if I have IC Rated lights

    It doesn't matter, you don't have any insulation (Haha Aaron, I beat you to it).
    My guess is no. all of the IC that I see are silver colored but that's probably not 100% true.



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