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    Default Furnace Exhaust Pipe Question


    My dad and I bought this house two years ago. We currently reside in Ingleside Ontario Canada.

    We are about to sell the home. We had a combo 2 Stage Gas Furnace and outside Central AC unit installed by a contract from Reliance home comfort. Now I was wondering if the job they did is legal? My dad and I are afraid an inspector will call us out on the job. It honestly looks like crap as well. I can take more pictures if you want, the inside where the furnace is etc.

    Thank you for your time.

    Sorry the pictures are so big lol.

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    Default Re: Furnace Exhaust Pipe Question

    What is your average Snow Height and do you think that will block one or both intake, exhaust vents ?
    Does the exposed block and lack of parge coating draw excess moisture into the dwelling?
    Is the gas supply line properly supported?

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