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    Default Attic Build Out Chicago Secondary Egress

    I am the owner of a 2 flat apartment in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. Currently reside in the second floor unit. The building which is approx 100 years old was substantially rehabbed in 1999 due to damage sustained by a neighboring building on fire under permit. I have an open attic with a very tall ceiling which I want to convert into a loft style apartment for me to live in. It would be an open floor plan no significant partitions other than bathroom, laundry room and closet. It is 708 square feet using the 5' knee wall rule. The attic is accessed in the rear by a common stairway in the enclosed porch only. The span from front to rear is 59". My question is regarding the requirement for a secondary exit. This is a 2 story multiple unit owner occupied building.

    .If it is a requirement I am looking for cost efficient methods of providing one.

    The second floor flat is accessed by a common stairway leading up from the vestibule to the apartments front door. Adjacent to that hall is the front bedroom closet that could be incorporated in to the hallway providing space to install a stairway up to the attic. Also if an emergency type exit will suffice a retractable attic stairway could be installed leading from the second floor hallway to the attic.

    Any comments or advise would be welcomed

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    Default Re: Attic Build Out Chicago Secondary Egress

    Anything OVER the 2nd floor level requires 2 exits.
    I have an article on my website that covers many of the points regarding converting an attic. All of the listed factors are relevant to a duplex. If you are looking at making the attic a separate dwelling unit there are additional considerations.
    You can call, PM or contact me off my website.
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    Default Re: Attic Build Out Chicago Secondary Egress

    Thank you Mark. I'll take a look at your site and contact you if I have questions or can use your services


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