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    Default Finding a Roofing Inspector in Atlanta GA

    I have recently had a new roof put on my home. There are many problems with the roof and it's gotten to the point where I think I really need a professional to assess the situation.
    • Should I get someone who is independent of a roofing company?
    • Would a general home inspector be just as good?
    What is the best way for me to go about finding a qualified roofing inspector?

    Thanks in advance...


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    Default Re: Finding a Roofing Inspector in Atlanta GA


    call your insurance agent--and check with city to see if proper permit was pulled for new roof and if city inspected it


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    Default Re: Finding a Roofing Inspector in Atlanta GA

    "Many problems" with the roof?!? you mentioned only one concern before, actually confirmed no "problems" even after several rains, on yet other posts (where you piggy-backed on older - 4 yrs old even - topic discussions). What "many" other "problems"? (other than not paying the roofer?).

    Did you see the last post to your earlier topic discussion?

    A GAF (or whichever company mfg your roofing) rep. if your real concern is to the warranty/product installation/warranty/performance issues for the roofing itself.

    You're still at odds with the roofer? What did your local building department inspector have to say?

    Unknown what your contract states.

    You said previously you were not worried about the astetics.
    What is your concern? Nothing new added since September.

    Structural integrity? fire resistance rating/fire resistant construction? roofing warranty?

    If you don't pay the roofer, expect a lien to be filed, and suit to follow.

    Have you had another roofer provide an estimate to do what has already been suggested on the other topic discussion?

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