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    Default Running a wire through a panel

    I'm "upgrading" our smoke detectors in a 3-story home. I'm interconnecting the smoke detectors with 18 AWG and placing all of them on a single 15 amp circuit.

    I'm running into an issue of continuing the circuit from the first floor to the basement. The most practical place for me to interconnect the smoke detectors and continue the circuit is going through a downstream panel, which is located in the garage and easily accessible.

    The only other alternative would be to tear up a finished interior wall, which would cause me to incur more time and money - something I want to avoid.

    I may be wrong, but what I want to do probably is described as using the downstream panel as a raceway. This seems to be addressed in 312.8.

    Unfortunately, I think the interpretation of 312.8 is based upon who you talk to (especially reading through this forum!). Ultimately, I realize that it's my county inspector that will pass/fail me. Still, I would like to have some arguments in favor of what I want to do.


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    Default Re: Running a wire through a panel

    Whether it is permitted by code or not, I would not do it this way. Better to install a simple junction box in the garage wall and make your connection there. The J-box can then be labelled and there is no mystery for future occupants.

    Fishing cable behind drywall is easier than most people would think. Cut a hole for the box, cut a hole at the ceiling and a hole at the floor, Your longest reach is only 4 feet. Use fish tape or a stiff piece of wire.

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    Default Re: Running a wire through a panel

    Remember the 18ga wire you run through the panel should have 600 volt insulation. I do not personally consider that critically important, but if your being inspected, you could be busted, if it's not.

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    Default Re: Running a wire through a panel

    Thanks for the feedback. I decided to go ahead and "do it right" and put a junction box in the next bay over.

    Yes, the 18 gauge is a single solid copper wire with 600 volt insulation.

    Thanks again everyone!


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