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    Default Covered porch floor

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    I have issues with my 12 year old porch. The photos give you an idea. The builder poured what looks like 6" dia footers, then poured a 12" dia. pad, then sat the 6x6 cedar column atop the pad, and then screwed on the rim joist to the column. (The outside fake rim joist was notched into the column, but the floor load is being carried by the inside joist which is just screwed to the column.)

    Well -- the columns are not centered over the 6" footer, so the pads have tipped, cracked, and in some cases it seems the footer settled 1" or so.

    I have two drawings in the pics that show my thoughts on how best to resolve all this. It implies keeping the existing footers, but replacing all else. Atop the footer I will pour a new pad -- then build up a pier with block and/or cap stones, then sit my new 2x8 double rim joists directly on the block. Install t&g flooring, and lastly sit the roof column atop the flooring. I will run 2x8 joists perpendicular to the house from house ledger to rim joist. I will run 2x8 "blocking" between joists, and then install t&g flooring perpendicular to the house. The flooring is currently parallel to house which catches a lot of water in the groove.

    I have documented a lot of this in another forum, but would like your input as well.

    The original plans call for something like I described, but apparently the builder had other ideas.

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    Default Re: Covered porch floor

    1)You probably need hangers on the ledger board.
    2)Run a beam across length of deck, Probably will need 3 supports with footers.
    3)Resolve your roof support separately from deck, or set over the beam.
    4)Go to permit office to find out what your local building code requirements are for beams, hangers and loads.
    5)Think about tearing it all out and starting over correctly with a framing design directed to your desires.

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