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    We're going to be looking at houses in the north Atlanta GA area soon. When we find one we'll need an inspector. I don't need a know-it-all (in the bad sense) or someone that will be a jerk or superior to all and cost me a sale unnecessarily. Of course if the property is deemed poor that would be fine. I also don't want someone that doesn't want me around during the inspection (yes, I had that happen once-and the inspection took him about an hour and a half and cost me more than what I paid him...) I suppose you all know what I mean by my description.

    My record with Realtor recommended inspectors has always left me feeling like the money I spent on them was wasted, especially since I would find stuff they should have caught after the purchase and move in.

    One of the best inspectors I every had was Sandy Baker in the greater Houston Texas area. ( If I could drag her up to Atlanta I would!

    Can any one give me some recommendations?

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    Call this company. They have been in business for many years and I know they are competent. Don't hire an inspector based on price. I know Bob and company for over 25 years.

    Robert J. Golden, PE | Georgia Home Inspection Corp | Atlanta - ASHI J. Golden, PE Georgia Home Inspection Corp Atlanta, GA 30341 770-458 -5794 Georgia Home Inspection Corp.. Additional services offered : ...


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