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    Default Outlet behind Fireplace (Alberta)

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to this site and suck at reading all the I thought I'd post my own! I'm currently rebuilding a wood stove hearth and the backing for the fireplace. There was an old hearth and the chimney is still intact.

    What I'm trying to figure out is whether or not I need to move the receptacle on the wall behind the stove. A few people that I've spoken to say that it's ok because it's not higher than the stove, and that it meets the clearance to combustibles (it sits below the stove line; more than 8" away from stove which is the requirement on the stove) and a few others say that it would be illegal. I'd like to leave it because of the blower on the stove, but I can't complete the work until I know if it has to be removed or not.

    Helpful hints?

    Here's a photo.

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    Default Re: Outlet behind Fireplace (Alberta)

    I see them behind stoves all the time, but since your municipality probably requires a permit to put in the stove, check with your local code compliance official to see what you can and can't do.

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    Default Re: Outlet behind Fireplace (Alberta)

    Your photo gives the appearance this is for a free standing wood stove. If that is the case the next question is whether or not the stove is certified?

    If its certified the manufactures specs would apply and if its not certified there are minimums which must be followed.

    If in doubt you would be advised to have a WETT inspection carried out as your home insurance may not cover such an installation.

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    Default Re: Outlet behind Fireplace (Alberta)

    Good question, what are you installing?
    ...that hearth pad looks pretty small...have you selected a wood stove yet, cuz you need protection in front of the feed door, about another 16 inches.....the outlet is for your fan and looks low enough....the bigger the stove the room you high is the ceiling above the unit....

    It's been said, read the installation instructions and follow the diagram on the back of the stove...clearances are very important for safety, insurance and getting your WETT certificate...

    Lots to

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    Default Re: Outlet behind Fireplace (Alberta)

    To be on the safe side clearance-wise, allow for a fireproof hearth 18" in front of the door. If there is any doubt, add a couple of inches, because you may need to pull the stove out away from the wall.
    For that receptacle, a stove on legs will have different clearance requirements then a low fireplace type.

    Why the confusion? You called it a woodstove and a fireplace in the same sentence. A fireplace hearth might be ok at 16" but a woodstove with a door that swings out will need 18".

    Definitely check the spec sheet that comes with your unit if it is new. If it is not new, search online for the manual.
    If it is not even listed, forget it, you need 18" on all sides.

    Search - Information on Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Pellet Stoves, etc., or give us the make and model #.

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