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    I live in an antebellum home with two central units. The unit that heats/cools the bedrooms is located in the center hallway close to the return. Can I move the thermostat in a bedroom which is on the other side of the wall from where it is now. The bedrooms get really warm as the hallway is open to two floors. I don't care about warming the hallway. John

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    Yes, you can easily move thermostats. I suspect you have a bigger question than "am I able to move..."
    The thermostat should be located where it gets a good sampling of the room air that is being conditioned. It should not be in a drafty space or one that is directly adjacent to a supply register or other heat source. Locating it near the return air register between 4-5' off the floor is ideal.

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    In this case, since the downstairs heat is rising up to the upper hallway, moving the upstairs t-stat will make little difference. This particular upper t-stat will rarely call for heat anyway in this house. The problem is that your downstairs is not insulated enough or you have a draft causing the downstairs t-stat to come on so often that it is basically heating the upstairs too. Put your efforts into insulating and caulking everything downstairs first, then move the upper t-stat to the bedroom if needed.

    One other thing, I'm sure you would have noticed by now but its worth mentioning since I have found this problem before (on a new house): The thermostats could be controlling the wrong system.

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