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    Default Growth on Cinder Block Wall

    There were some heavy rains in our area recently with flooding and we got some water in the basement (which is below grade) for the first time ever. The drainage was not capable of handling the flow, so water was flowing freely next to the house walls and some got in the basement, not a lot, but enough to make me observe some growth on the cinder block wall where the water was seeping in (picture below).


    Is this growth efflorescence or something else? How can you get rid of it and seal the wall so water won't come in again? Could this have been going on for a long time and I observed it only now when the water seeped in?

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    Default Re: Growth on Cinder Block Wall

    I know this will sound too simple but one of the basic rules of proper construction and building maintenance is to direct water off of the building and away as fast as possible. This means you need to take a critical look around the building to ensure there are no impediments to water draining

    If that is not enough then the best way method is to waterproof from the exterior foundation wall which means digging. Your photos does not show efflorescence but some source of deposit or organic growth.

    Jeff Zehnder - Home Inspector, Raleigh, NC


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