I didn't see this area down at the bottom of the forums page when posting my question about drip-edge in the Roofing forum. Sorry about that.

We are in southeastern PA, and are going to be replacing our cedar shingle roof of 20+ years, which is installed on skip-sheathing spaced for a 7.5" exposure, although when the new roof goes on, solid decking that extends 24" in from the face of the exterior wall must be installed along the eave, with an ice-guard membrane.

The house has no overhanging eaves and lacks soffit vents. Instead, up at the top of the fascia trim, there is a one-inch (insect-screened) gap into the attic, as shown in the attached diagram.
(The blown-in insulation is not blocking the air intake.)

Can that gap above the fascia board remain as is?

Screened Gap at Fascia.png

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